Robbie was born on the 29th week, being a bit too big for his age, but very strong and good in health. What was amazing is that both of the parents are super fit people and during the photo-shoot they showed me a few pictures how the mother was lifting heavy weight at the gym having a pretty big belly.

The father of Robbie is a soldier and, as you can see on a pictures, he is also in a perfect body shape with lots of different tattoos. One of the tattoos was dedicated to a best friend who died in Afghanistan. Because of this friend and new born baby the father has decided to quit his military career to have a life of responsible father. “I couldn’t risk my life any longer. I have a great reason to live. Family is the most important thing for me now.” – he said.

This amazing decision inspired me to call this shoot: “Make love, not war”. 😉 Enjoy it!

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